Ngari Institute Foundation

About our mission

  • Cultivate compassion

  • Practice loving kindness

  • Preserve and Disseminate Dharma Teachings

  • Fulfill The vision of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of a modernized education for future generations in Buddhist monastic institutions

How It All Started

Valuable lessons and memories from past events and accomplishments

The Story of UCI - Tibet Initiative

History and Milestones

The exchange program is specifically designed to meet visiting scholars' academic needs. It provides them with instructions and tools for academic research as well as opportunities to interact with UCI faculty and students.

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The Story of Ngari Institute of Buddhist Dialectics

An Overview of the Institute

Ngari Institute of Buddhist Dialectics is a non-governmental organization based in the Himalayan Kingdom of Ladakh, in a small village called Saboo. The campus is spread over 20 hectares of desert land, which eventually will be turned into an oasis of learning.

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