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June 4th, 2020 What an auspicious day it has been!

Flying the prayer flags is a tradition that dates back to the epoch of Budhha Sakyamuni. Since 2016, we have been raising the prayer flags whenever we visited Ladakh. For one thing, Ngari Institute of Buddhist Dialectics has all the conducive elements for doing such a ritual; high ground, sunny and windy most of the time. On the 14th of May, while having a chat with Geshe Tsewang, I was asking the possibility of having the flags raised on Saga Dawa instead. He was immediately agreeable and thought that it was a good idea to help alleviate the state of the pandemic.

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Geshe Tsewang Dorje's Green Tara Retreat

For the last week, Geshe la has been solely meditating on Green Tara in Ngari Institute Retreat Room No. 1. His practice is specifically dedicated to all the mother sentient beings who have been fighting COVID-19 since last year.

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Birgitte's Blog Entry

"Beautiful people - great architecture – and a strong nature – maybe one of the last little pockets we have on Earth that has all the good values – respect – harmony – peace and joy – they walk as they talk the Bodhisattvas way of Life. Please let’s help them to preserve this highly educated culture with its values we have lost. I did not see one child with a mobile phone or IPhone, unusual for even indigenous peoples in our world of today. How refreshing and protected they are from brainwashing and manipulation from our greedy world. And how valuable for us they still exist and live the Bodhisattvas way."

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